In modern house construction, solar panels are used everywhere because of their amazing energy-efficient features and cost-effective installation and maintenance.  Not only in residential construction but also in medical and all types of industries, Solar System Brisbane is the crucial part of power generation but apart from these, there are some things that need to be kept in mind before going for solar installation. It depends on your use so, it’s important to know whether solar panel investment is worth it or not.

Basic things to know before solar panel investment

  • Choose wisely between photovoltaic and thermal

Basically, there are two types of solar technologies that are photovoltaic and thermal. Photovoltaic technology is used to convert the direct sun rays into electricity using photovoltaic cells. Thermal technology refers to the heating of water or air inside the house. If your house consumes more energy for heating then investing in thermal technology can be a good choice.  The thermal installer is not that popular in India hence, you might get trouble finding a service and maintenance person.

Solar System Brisbane

  • Inspect your roof whether it supports solar panel installation

The first important part of solar panel installation is the roof should have enough sunlight throughout the year. It’s a useless investment if the roof where you are installing solar panels resides in shade and doesn’t have sufficient sunlight.  Other than this, it’s also important to have a good shaping of the rooftop bar for the proper solar panel installation. Solar panel installation normally comes with 20 to 25 years of warranty so, if your roof is weaker or needs renovation or repair. It’s better to get the roof inspected by roofing experts before solar panel installation to prevent future issues.  Also, research and gather enough information about neighboring projects that is there any construction project coming ahead in the future. Because if there is any huge project of constructing building nearby you then it might cover your roof and restricts the sunray falling on your roofs.

How much actually solar panel installation costs?

It’s important to decide the budget that how much amount you are capable to spend on solar panels. There are wide ranges of solar panels available varying from Rs 42,000 to 800,000 depending on your solar energy usage. With the solar panel installation, it’s also important to buy a premium brand inverter and a good battery with a warranty for a long time of smooth usage.  Inverter generally comes with 5 to 10 years of warranty.  Ensure to buy the branded battery that doesn’t heat much as heating reduces the battery life and its performance.

Solar System Brisbane


Hope you found the above information useful, Installation of solar panels means slabbing the entire roof with solar cells with wiring and panel placement. Always consider the premium quality solar panels for long-term relief as the solar panel is a one-time investment because it is expensive.  Choose techno solar for purchasing the best quality solar panels in Brisbane. We manufacture premium LED light, solar panels, batteries, inverters, and other products. Get a free quote today and get the best deals for solar products for your big project.