Get Best Quality Solar Systems
Get Best Quality Solar Systems
Get Best Quality Solar Systems
Get Best Quality Solar Systems
Get Best Quality Solar Systems
Get Best Quality Solar Systems
Get Best Quality Solar Systems
Get Best Quality Solar Systems
Get Best Quality Solar Systems

Solar System for Home

Reliable Residential Solar Power System

The Most Popular 6.6kW Solar System For Home can cut the cost of your daytime electricity by up to 90% and save $1600 every year on the average electricity bill.

Home Solar power systems are becoming increasingly popular as more and more Brisbane locals realise the benefits of switching to renewable energy. Want to find residential solar system packages for Brisbane homes you can depend on? Look no further than Techno Solar, Australia’s affordable solar power system provider. Our team is committed to using the latest in solar technology to create the best energy solutions for you. We provide a 25-year warranty on parts and components of our solar systems, giving you peace of mind in your new system. Once we install a new solar system at your house, all parts and components of the system are covered by warranty. If you’re ready to make the switch to solar, we can help with exclusive residential solar packages.

Techno Solar is one of the top Solar Panel System companies in Australia. The latest technology and innovations are the key to our affordable Solar Panel system. We offer

  • Commercial Solar System
  • Residential Solar Package

Our Residential Solar Package includes:

  • 6.6 kW Solar System
  • 9.9 kW Solar System
  • 13.3 kW Solar System
  • 18.5 kW Solar System

The electricity-generation photovoltaic panels are installed on the rooftop of a house or a building. The two major home solar power systems we install for the optimum generation of power are:

Grid-tied System

  • The grid design is used to simply put electricity supply
  • The electricity generated by using this system is fed back to the grid
  • To keep the track of the electricity consumed a net meter is installed
  • In case grid is down the net meter will not work

Off-Grid System

  • Batteries are used to store the electricity produced by conversion
  • Utilise the stored energy by converting it back to AC when required

The Benefits to Residential Solar Power

Solar power energy is the future as a major source of energy. Countries like Australia having plenty of sunlight can make cost-effective use of it.

  • Future investment: The residential solar system is an all-time profitable investment. You just pay for the installation of residential solar panels and save electricity bills for the rest of your life. Today many electronic appliances are used for day to day work. Power cut outs are a major problem in many remote areas. We help families install the house solar panel affordably, to avoid this, and to help them reduce costs for years to come.
  • No hidden cost: We offer you the best residential Solar Panels Brisbane to suit your requirements. The cost also includes transportation and installation. As the major source of this energy is free: sunlight, you don’t need to worry extensively about repayment. It does a lot to pay off itself.
  • Environmentally friendly: Global warming is a tremendous concern to the health of our planet, and of our children and our children’s children. Solar energy does not just help save on expenditure but also limiting our carbon footprint helps look after the environment. Let’s contribute together, with Techno solar.

Best deal on home solar systems

Avail our pocket-friendly deals for the best home solar panel system. Visit us online or our store for further details.

Get a customized design for your home solar system. Want to install or need more information on our home solar panels, get in contact with Techno Solar today!

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Adam Davidson

Excellent prices and speedy communication. Installer was friendly, ethical and efficient. Highly recommend.

Troy Kirchhoff

Thanks to all the crew at Techno Solar. Good service and prompt installation, at a great price... Don’t hesitate. Best Regards Troy

James Bean

I had an inverter that needed a warranty replacement from another installer (I had the parts), Techno went above and beyond to help me at a very reasonably price. I highly recommended their services.

Helen Cao

Highly recommended Rajan. He organised and install the 13.2kw solar for our house. Good Quality, best price, quick and reliable

Brian Finlayson

Reliable all round service every step of the deal--really good installation crew. very happy with the outcome.

Rowan Eadie

Found the consultant very helpful and able to answer all of our questions. The installation team were quick and very professional.


How to install a solar panel system at home?

To install a home solar panel systemyou should choose an appropriate direction so that your panels will receive the maximum sunlight throughout the day. This is a very important aspect because the panel will produce more energy if there is more sunlight absorption. 

The mounting structure should be slightly tilted around 18 to 36 degrees. Then you need to assemble the solar panelgive wiring connections, and connect the solar panel system to the solar inverter and grid. Lastly, switch on the solar inverter through the grid.

How much roof space do I need for a solar panel?

The roof space required for installing a house solar panel depends on the size and type of solar panel. To install a 6.6kW system with 20 solar panels requires a 38m2 roof area, 13.2kW system with 40 solar panels requires a 76m2 roof area.

What is the cost of a residential solar panel?

The whole residential solar panel cost is dependent on its power, calculated in watts. If your electricity needs are high you need a big solar system structure which will cost a lot more.

If you want to install solar panels for your home, get a free quote from techno solar for high-quality residential solar panels at affordable prices. Which we deliver quickly and easily.