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Techno Solar - Innovative Solar Power System & Panels in Brisbane

Techno Solar is the affordable provider of systems for solar power in Brisbane making clean energy available to homes, businesses, schools, NFPs and government organisations. We started as a local solar company and have grown to become one of the most reliable providers of solar panels in Brisbane We value clean and affordable energy and are striving to make this a possibility for all. We believe in innovation and efficiency when it comes to energy solutions, which is why we’ll help you find the best solar panels with the latest technology for your property. With our 25 year warranty on all photovoltaics (PV) parts and components, you know you can rely on us for all your solar power needs.

A solar power system is the future so invest in it with the country’s best solar company – Techno Solar for the best returns to lower your power bill. You may find other energy sources convenient but while they may be affordable today these sources will exhaust. Get ahead of the curve with reliable and effective solar power panels and solar powered systems.

Our products are:

  • Solar panels
  • Solar Batteries
  • Solar Inverters

Solar power system: We offer both commercial and residential solar power systems with accurately detailed information. Our solar systems are designed for local needs. We serve in these systems in Brisbane, Queensland.

Solar power panels: We offer all highly efficient solar panels from a world-class brand such as: Canadian Solar panels, Jinko Solar panel, LG Solar panels, Long Solar panels, Qcells Solar Panels, REC Solar panels, Trina Solar Panels, Seraphim Solar Panels and Suntech Solar panels. 

We are the licensed supplier of solar power panels with warranty that ensures the uninterrupted performance for years to come.

What makes us different?

  • Next generation technology: We adopt advanced research and innovation as they are more effective and cost-effective. We are recognized for our next-generation solar power panels and solar power system, bringing you maximum efficiency.
  • Powerpack performance: Our solar power system always gives a next-level performance that optimises the profits of our clients. We have been associated with a greatly prestigious client who has trusted in us over all these years. 
  • Reasonable cost: Best quality at a competitive price is the golden combination we offer our customers. We always transfer the bulk of the benefit to our clients to keep us as leaders in the market.
  • Expert and skilled staff: Our dedicated and finest skilled staff completes projects. We provide seamless services at Brisbane, Queensland to our clients for an enjoyably convenient process.

Benefits of a Brisbane solar system

The most important benefit of solar power Brisbane is that residents can expect, lessened environmental impact. Currently, most of our energy comes from coal and other non-renewable sources, but when these run out, there will be nothing left for future generations. Climate change is another one of the main reasons why solar panels are increasing in popularity. Electricity generation is the leading cause of air pollution in Australia, which can also damage the agricultural industry and affect our clean water supply. More and more people are realising how much they can reduce their impact on the environment with solar power. Not only that, but after installing solar panels, Brisbane residents can also expect a drop in their power bills.

Commercial and residential solar panels Brisbane

Brisbane homeowners are quickly realising the benefits of solar. However, it’s not just residential property owners that can profit from solar power, with Brisbane businesses also reaping the benefits. While some businesses use much more power than others and for longer periods depending on operating hours, industry and many other factors, almost every commercial property is using more energy than the average home. For this reason, the environmental impact of a solar system Brisbane businesses can contribute is far greater than in the home. You can increase your positive impact on future energy users by converting both your home and your workplace to solar power. Brisbane locals can also save significant amounts of money by doing this.

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“Excellent service. Reasonable price. A quick turn around and job was done to the satisfaction. Left site clean and tidy.”


N Modi
Waterford QLD 4133

“Excellent job done by techno solar team, really happy with work from the beginning got quote to install done , very comprehensive information provided. . Highly recommended to all friends and relatives.”


Nilesh P
Boondall QLD 4034

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We know we can meet and exceed all of your expectations. We’re confident that our team will be able to assist you with anything you need and answer all your queries about solar power Brisbane wide. If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of solar or find out about fitting your home or business with a solar power system, give us a call today on 1300 220 990. One of our friendly team members will be able to help you get started on your mission for a highly effective and efficient energy source.

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At Techno Solar, we want our customers to know that they can rely on us. So with the latest Mono Perc Panels and unique cell design with 25 years of performance warranty, you know you really can. Techno Solar is a renowned solar company with decades of experience in this field. We’re your partners in clean energy. Let’s shape a better tomorrow together.

About us

Techno Solar was started in Jimboomba (Queensland) with a better way to deliver clean, more affordable energy. Founded in 2018, Techno Solar has since grown to become the most reliable and affordable solar power system provider in Brisbane, Gold coast, Sunshine coast and Toowoomba area.

Techno Solar is Australia’s local affordable solar power system company with best quality solar panels, inverters. We make clean energy available to homeowners, businesses, schools, non-profits and government organisations at a lower cost than they pay for energy generated by burning fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas.


If your roof design is not flexible enough to handle a solar panel then, you can get in touch with our team in Queensland for efficient solutions for solar panels. We are the masters in this field. Our solar installers have an experience of over one decade, we offer smart solar solutions to our esteemed clients and patrons. We’re passionate about solar energy, and we’ll work to find you a solution.

Techno Solar is the leading supplier of solar inverters in Brisbane, Queensland. We have some of the best and most reliable solar power systems to offer in Queensland, Australia. Our solar system and inverter are hi-tech and come with the promise of flawless performance, every time.

The best solar panel should have the right combination of energy and efficacy. It should be able to deliver uniform performance across the days. Techno Solar is one of the finest suppliers of Solar power panels in Brisbane. Our Solar power panels are crafted using the best technological and our technical expertise, for a reliable energy solution.

Techno Solar is one of the best Solar Companies in Australia. We have a large range of solar panel systems in Brisbane and across Australia. We strive to continually update our products and bring you solar panels that are the perfect mélange of technology and energy efficiency.

A home solar power system consists of solar batteries to save power, inverter, racking, and solar panels. Out of these, only the solar panel is widely visible. Techno Solar is one of the largest Solar companies in Australia.