Affordable Commercial Solar Panels In Brisbane

12kW - 100 kW – Cut the cost of your daytime electricity by up to 75%.

Switching to solar to fulfil commercial energy needs is an increasingly popular choice, and when it comes to finding an efficient commercial solar system in Brisbane, you can depend on Techno Solar. Many businesses choose to operate on a system that uses primarily solar energy , but can use power from the grid when necessary as well. This prevents ever running out of power if your business uses a lot of electricity. We’re committed to helping you create the very best solar panel solution to meet the needs of your business. That’s why we’re the most reliable and affordable solar power system provider in the Brisbane, Gold coast, Sunshine Coast , Pimpama , North Lakes, Greenbank , Jimboomba , Undullah, Yarrabilba, Flagstone and Toowoomba areas. Commercial solar can also save Brisbane businesses money in the long run by reducing regular energy bills. The amount you can save depends on how large the solar panels you are that you choose to install. You can buy solar panels depending upon the size of your home. The more you can depend on the sun, the less you’re spending on other energy sources. A commercial solar system doesn’t require a lot of maintenance as there are no moving parts, which also keeps the costs quite low. 

Commercial Solar Panels in Brisbane

Digitalisation and extensive exposure to the outer world have made business organisations more conscious. Today, people are more conscious about the products they use and the impact it may have on nature as well. There has been considerable thought and attention to the usage of non-renewable sources. Organisations are trying their best to adopt newer methods and techniques to increase the use of solar energy in their operations. Solar Panels are one of the best sustainable energy solutions that can help you get work done with utmost efficacy. Techno Solar is one such manufacturer of Commercial Solar Panels in Brisbane. We have an array of solar panels to meet the varied requirements of our patrons. 

Cohesive solar panel Services

We are your one-stop destination when it comes to solar panels. We supply solar panels in Brisbane and across Australia, as well as take care of its installation and maintenance. We are a team of highly trained and skilled experts with a full-fledged knowledge of the solar panels and their working. We make sure to explain all the vital features and process of solar panels to you while installing them.  

Here are some of the advantages of our commercial Solar Panels:

  1. Reliable: Our solar panels are made with the best combination of technology and are sure to last long. Once installed they surely provide long term peace of mind.
  2. High ROI: Installing commercial solar panels helps you recoup great investment value.  They are sustainable and offer good returns in the long run.
  3. Low maintenance: Solar panels are very cost-effective. They do not demand much maintenance. All you require is just an occasional servicing of the same to ensure its efficacy.

Tailor-made solar panels

Techno Solar is one of its kinds of Solar panel suppliers in Australia. We aim to provide sustainable, superior quality and energy-efficient solar systems to our esteemed clients and patrons. 

We give utmost importance to customer satisfaction. We strive to maintain product quality and introduce innovative solar panel systems that are cost-effective as well as reliable. We are one of the finest suppliers of Commercial Solar panels in Brisbane. We also offer customised bespoke solar panels that are specifically made to meet your explicit requirements. 

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100 kW Solar System


The commercial solar panels used in industrial-scale need larger space for installation than residential panels. The typical commercial solar installation in Brisbane uses 96-cell or greater solar panels, that means each panel is made of 96 or more individual solar photovoltaic cells. You may require 125 to 986 sq ft on average to install a commercial solar panel in Brisbane

The most important benefit of solar panels is they do not drastically impact the environment. These solar panels available in Brisbane primarily depend on solar energy but they can also use power from the grid when necessary as well. So, you don’t need to worry about running out of power. A commercial solar panel in Brisbane doesn’t require a lot of maintenance as there are no moving parts, which also keeps the costs quite low. These are the most reliable and affordable solar power systems.

Commercial solar installations also have different mounting mechanisms than homes do. Commercial systems available in Brisbane have different clamps on type bases that are specifically designed for flat/metal roofs. You need to hire a professional to install commercial solar panels in Brisbane, to ensure the panels run efficient and according to all Australian Standards.