It became inevitable to find an alternative source of energy from renewable resources due to the speculation that fossil fuels will run it in the future. Then solar panels Brisbane came into the picture and changed our perspective of energy sources. Despite the pandemic, the solar power industry has shown promising growth by increasing installation of the solar panels at home and commercial spaces.

The awareness increased with each passing day, and today you would find most of the houses powered by the solar power around you. The solar products also evolved from just solar cells to solar panels, solar inverters, solar batteries, and more.

Solar Panels Brisbane

It is time that you know some of the interesting facts about Solar Energy.

  1. The use of solar energy started way back in 1839 with the discovery of the Solar Photovoltaic Effect by French physicist Alexandre-Edmond Becquerel. Which eventually resulted in the first solar cell generation in 1941by Russell Ohl. However, solar energy has been used in numerous ways by plants and microorganisms since the creation of life.
  2. Solar is the most abundant renewable energy on the earth. The solar energy that reaches the earth in one hour is more than what the world uses in a year.
  3. It is the form of energy that eliminates every type of pollution in production and use, namely air pollution, water pollution, chemical pollution, and noise pollution.
  4. The government encourages the use of solar power by providing various schemes, subsidies, rebates, incentives, tax benefits, and more.
  5. It is the only energy that pays for itself.
  6. Solar panels can produce solar energy even when there is no direct sunlight, like on cloudy days. The rate of energy production may vary depending on the density of the cloud and the panel type.
  7. The efficiency of the solar panel’s increases in cooler temperatures.
  8. The use of solar energy is effective in battling climate change and reducing the production of greenhouse gases in tons. Solar power reduces carbon footprints.
  9. Solar rooftop installation would increase the resale value of your home or commercial spaces.
  10. Airplanes can fly entirely on solar power around the world.

Solar Panels Brisbane

Solar energy has become one of the most adopted renewable energy sources with panels installed in homes. These panels are easy to take care of and maintain. The solar panel proved a high return of investment along with energy production. From small houses to commercial spaces and large-scale industries, these panels are capable of producing energy for all.

Haven’t you considered getting the solar panel installed yet?

You are missing it all!

Find a reliable solar power system provider. You can check for online reviews, take referrals, and more. Look out for the government’s help on installation to reduce the initial cost.

Select the panels as per the requirement of energy for the home. Ensure that these panels are installed by professionals. Consider various criteria like the presence of a tree or wall that would cover the panels, the direction panels are facing, and more to ensure proper installation on the rooftop.

And unleash the benefit of solar power!