Apply for QLD solar battery booster program.
Apply for QLD solar battery booster program.
Apply for QLD solar battery booster program.
Apply for QLD solar battery booster program.
Apply for QLD solar battery booster program.
Apply for QLD solar battery booster program.
Apply for QLD solar battery booster program.
Apply for QLD solar battery booster program.
Apply for QLD solar battery booster program.

Solar Panels In North Lakes

Renew Solar Energy With Solar Panels

Techno Solar – The Best Solar Panels In North Lakes

We, at Techno Solar, are regarded as the top name for solar panels in North Lakes. We have been fortunate enough to have gained valuable experience working with businesses in the private and government sectors. This should give you some indication of our quality as an organisation. We have and will continue to be an active participant in the industry. We also happen to be members of some of the best industry associations in the region. All these facts should tell you how passionate we are about solar power.

Assurance of quality in our products

We will always want you to save the most on your electricity bills with our products.

This is the reason why we offer you the best solar panels in North Lakes. Our products perform extremely efficiently and are exceptionally durable. This is how overall they help you save so much money on your electricity bill! All our solar panel products are built to last. This is the major reason why we offer the best warranty on our products. Our work is back by the best brands in the marketplace being Longi solar panels, Jinko solar panels, Q Cells solar panels, REC solar panels, Trina solar panels, Suntech solar panels, seraphim solar panels, Fronius inverter, sungrow inverter, ABB inverter, solar edge inverter, growatt inverter, solax inverter, SMA inverter

Following all the rules and the regulations

We follow the code of conduct that retailers in Australia are supposed to adhere to.

Therefore, you can be confident in our solar panels in North Lakes. We always have our clients and customers‘ best interests in mind. We also comply with all the latest rules and regulations for such products in Australia. Therefore, we are always striving to get better, keeping up to the latest advancements in technology, learning and growing our valuable team. Be sure to ask our expert staff about the fabulous Payment plans we have available with $0 upfront and how to access the latest government rebates.

Great after-sales services

We are extremely passionate about renewable energy. Therefore, our sales consultants always strive to give you only the absolute best service and advice that suits your needs and requirements.

They will endeavour to keep your budget in mind while informing you about the best solar panels in North Lakes for your needs. This is how they will help you to reduce the expenses.

A few things to keep in mind

These days, solar power is becoming rather popular in the region as it is environmentally friendly and hence you must be itching to be a part of the trend as well. However, before you do so there are a few things that you should keep in mind. You should always conduct thorough research on these products. As your solar energy system may not perform on par with your expectations.


Which is the best solar inverter for the home?

SMA inverters are considered the best for the home – grid integration of solar panels power connects the storage facilities for more effective renewable energy use in North Lakes. SMA comprises intelligent energy management at the household level which you can trust, and their quality and reliability are never compromised.

Where do you place the inverter?

Keep the inverter away from direct sunlight and allow it proper air ventilation. The place needs to also be easily accessible to maintain and somewhere that is moisture resistant. You might consider your interior garage to be the best place, as long as the solar power inverter is away from the direct sun rays throughout most of the day.

What are the different types of inverters available?

There are two types of solar power inverters available for you in the North Lakes market: –

  • Single Phase inverter: This inverter comes with a built-in DC safety switch, integrated rapid shutdown and a standard 5 years warranty.
  • Three Phase Inverter: This inverter combines sophisticated digital control technology with efficient power conversion architecture to achieve superior solar power harvesting and best-in-class reliability.